Live 2013 (FMR)

19. Dezember 2018 | Reviews

Martin Schray, Free Jazz Blog The saxophone/drums duo might be the most intense and concentrated formation in improvised music, reduced to the absolutely necessary: melody and rhythm. Lots of players have used this constellation, from John Coltrane/Rashied Ali’s Interstellar Space (1967/released 1974) to Frank Wright/Muhammad Ali’s Adieu Little Man (1974) to Peter Brötzmann/Hamid Drake’s The […]

Fractions (No Business)

18. Dezember 2018 | Reviews

John Sharpe, All About Jazz German reedman Stefan Keune has shown a strong affinity for British improv since making a connection with drummer Paul Lytton in 1990. Since then his discography records a number of dates with guitarist John Russell, including appearances at London’s now dormant Freedom of the City festival. This limited edition LP, […]

The long and the short of it (Creative Sources)

11. Dezember 2018 | Reviews

Ken Waxman, Jazzword Real-time, pedal-to-the-floor Free Jazz is the long and the short description of this CD, with this German trio proving that masterful improvising can result from the almost extrasensory interaction among experienced players. (…) This session will never be confused with chamber music however. Keune’s reed eruptions encompass frequent wheezing, crying and spitting. […]

Frequency of Use (NurNichtNur)

10. Dezember 2018 | Reviews

Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine (…) Frequency of Use is a superb (…) set of duos between London-based guitarist John Russell and the young German alto and soprano saxophonist Stefan Keune. Recorded in London by Emanem’s Martin Davidson, two of the tracks live at the Red Rose, it’s a passionate and cogently argued set. Though […]

No Comment (FMP)

8. Dezember 2018 | Reviews

The newly reactivated FMP label has made some very strong contributions of late, and this trio date is among them. It conjures memories of the label’s late 1960 glory days, replete with all the timbral intrigue, spatial shifts and fire that made FMP releases the innovative historical documents they were.Despite the fact that this is […]